Welcome to one of the biggest themed cities of Earth2 :: Wakanda !

(Search "Hado Village", Ethopia)


To unite all Marvel Fans on Earth 2 where we can all walk through lanes of this super advanced but culturaly rich city

Wakanda link


Behold the 'Black Panther Island' 

Wakanda, Assemble !

Located at exactly the same location as in the Marvel Universe at the north end of Lake Turkana

Offering the full thematic Spectrum of Afro Futurism

In a world divided by race, color and in light of recent events we feel that Afro Futurism could well be a very powerful theme to help drive a better World. Lets make Earth2 better than Earth1

A well planned


Unlike several chaotic layouts, Wakanda features well planned Grids and Themtic zones

Best in class infra

  • 750 tile teleport zone
  • Airport Complex with 1 km Airstrip, Hangars and Terminal Buidings - who doesnt like flying jets
  • Well laid out city grids and extensive connected road network
  • Embassy street - housing embassies from other big Earth2 Megacities



Coming : Mega Hunt for the missing MINDSTONE


Thanos is in Wakanda searching for the last infinity stone to complete the infinity gauntlet and pull of the ultimate snap. Do you want that snap to happen or you ll help the Avengers stop him from getting the mindstone. This contest will be accessible only to people who have atleast 20 tiles in Wakanda and when the respective game phase allows us to do a mindstone hunt contest 


We are supported by the huge SINGLULARITY guild (800 members), one of the largest neutral communities in the game 

Find us at discord:- Exciting news, community chat, properties, live contests, prizes/giveaways

SINGULARITY : https://discord.gg/w6AUANQUFG

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